Listener Reviews: maa’s Newest Rising Star in Talk Back Radio!” – Phil Mahoney, Entertainer.

Dean’s passion for Australia and insight into how the world REALLY works was the catalyst for drawing him into talk back radio. Dean was sick of hearing people being cut off and not allowed to have THEIR SAY over the years and so decided to set about getting into talk back radio to offer the average Australian a voice NO MATTER WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY! You can CONTACT Dean via this web site.

“IMO you are the ‘New, Younger, More Modern LAWSIE’”

Hiya Dean, just had a bit of fun with my comments today but really get a hell of a lot out of your Shows. You have an amazing mind and I never thought I’d think, let alone say this but……IMO you are the “New Younger More Modern LAWSIE” and when he retires, I would love it if you took over his Timeslot. Once again, it’s great to have someone like yourself on the Air.

– Gael Beale – Gold Coast, QLD 23rd January 2016

I really enjoyed your time on radio on Australia evening wow most powerful ,you inspire people as never have I heard before on radio ,yes we are almost screwed with bs rubbish being used by self loathing lefties …what ever for eludes me.
Kim Gillett, Senior Account Manager 2GB via Facebook
Dean your great value for Australian Commercial Radio. Your fresh and very good entertainment in talk back land in this country of ours you are very open fair by letting the caller have their say in favour of your conversation Or there own. This why Dean has the hottest name in talk back radio for years. You take more callers and so many new calling the 2SM Radio network. All best mate Steve Jackson (Jacko) from Inverell Racing Mowers
Jacko, Facebook Post
Dean there is loyalty and then there is relevance and popularity. You are creating a groundswell of awareness about how counterproductive the major political parties are for our nation. I hope that you get the airtime your quality of program deserves & much  more airtime during 2016. In the meantime I am recommending people tune in to you. Thank you for taking the time to reply. All the best, Jack from Shark City
Jack, Email via 2SM Web Site
Only a new listener to your show and all i can say Dean is wow and bloody awesome mate. like about 99% of your listeners I agree 100% of what you are saying and i can not believe i haven’t heard of you before and its honestly a relief knowing there is someone like you on radio it really is. Anyway keep the good work up and i will be doing my bit and spreading your name around at every chance. Thanks for an awesome program Dean.
Mark Hanneman, Facebook Post
I always thought that guardian angels had names like Gabriel or Michael but you Dean are a true Angel of Australia. I love listening to you when you are on radio. You fill me with hope. Love Annie aged 68 and a part (very part) pensioner.
Annie Burnett, Email via 2SM Web Site
G’day dean, please say a happy birthday to my wife Angela. We love the show, never miss it, keep up the good work mate. David
David, Email via 2SM Web Site
Just love your comments, I agree with all you have said this morning, anyone or anything that wants to change our way of life in this great country can always take their customs and leave. Love the show Barb
Barb, Email via 2SM Web Site
Love your show and the wonderful people Who call you. I’ve just been put on to this website. Very interesting. It’s quite an eye opener. Have a great day, Regards, Sue
Sue, Email via 2SM Web Site
Dean love your style please watch this on utube before you go on today (with open gates the forced collective suicide of Europe) let me know what you think and maybe give to your audience this afternoon people have to be more aware of what we are being forced into it is real and very frustrating and frightening thanks again for great show and being an excellent host.
Trevor, Email via 2SM Web Site
Hi dean I love your show, and I’m disappointed I missed last week. Did u do a whole show on 9/11? I believe it was definitely an inside job, it is impossible to review the evidence and believe otherwise. I can’t get through so if you could read this on air , I’d be wrapped. Also there is an Australian hip hop artist called Pez who has some very interesting raps about conspiracys and stuff. The album is called this sound. Cheers mate, keep up the good work! Tim
Tom Johnstone, Email via 2SM Web Site
Oh Dean, I am so sorry you are not on my radio tonight. My radio (here at the Gold Coast in Qld) is on but instead of hearing you .. It’s sport!! I hate sport. Thank you for a fantastic show over the past few weeks. Yours was the type of show that all your listeners love and you are going to be very sadly missed. I hope we hear you again very soon on the airwaves. Let me add that all the radio hosts over the summer weeks have been fantastic – you, Grant and Dave – very entertaining and excellent radio. I have just loved it. Best wishes and again, thank you. Kind regards Ross-Lyn
Ross-Lyn Bassani, Email via 2SM Web Site
Hi Dean, Loving your show I am listening on the computer while doing some of my volunteer work for the groups I organise I also was a single mother of 2 sons I worked, cared for my parents and I think I did a pretty good so Max the wacko you had on is probably one of the ones who puts all single mothers in the same boat Keep up the good work Pam
Pam Kenyon, Email via 2SM Web Site
Hiya Dean, just had a bit of fun with my comments today but really get a hell of a lot out of your Shows. You have an amazing mind and I never thought I’d think, let alone say this but……IMO you are the “New Younger More Modern LAWSIE” and when he retires, I would love it if you took over his Timeslot. Once again, it’s great to have someone like yourself on the Air.
Gael Beale, Riverstone, NSW
It’s a pleasure Dean. You are the best on the airways. You get a few dodgy callers such as Fred from Newcastle as he never seems to let you get a word in, he is always butting in when you try to answer him, and his bad habit of saying the word anyway, and saying you know what I mean . Have a good one Dean. Looking forward to your next show.

Kind Regards
Garth Watkins

Garth Watkins, Email via 2SM Web Site
Hi Dean,
You and I could be twins of the mind we think so much alike. You are a breath of fresh air. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could talk a little bit more about CIR. I believe that apart from Jesus, CIR will be the saviour of this nation. We absolutely love it when you are on the waves.

Sid (from Bathurst).

Sid McLeish, Barthurst via 2SM Web Site
Dear Sir. We love you on the radio. My 24 year old son thinks your the best. He had no choice but eves drop seeing i have 5 radios on in the house including out side. But the sport is driving me nuts. We love the talk back. Not to many people ring in for it. No Sport! Please do a poll as to how much it is liked as when it is on none of the radio family ring in. Sorry to hear about Rons passing & Andy. Much loved by the 2sm Family.Thanking you
Margo, Email via 2SM Web Site
Another great show yesterday mate! Whilst I agree with you that of course listeners will phone in more if they are interested in the topics being discussed, it also has very much to do with the presenter… the amount of calls that you are receiving speaks for itself. Even more so if you take into consideration the people who won’t call you for fear of making fools of themselves… (They know the chances of winning a debate with you are none and buckleys) that is why i love how you put those types at the top of the waiting list.
Steven Mackney, Email via Dean's Radio Site
Hi Dean, I listened to your show on the weekend while driving from Mullumbimby back to Sydney. Very very interesting – informative, impactful and clearly you strike a chord with so many people
Brendan Gullifer, Parliament House, Canberra
So glad you are on radio regularly. I try not to miss your Saturday afternoon show – love it and it was fabulous to hear you over Easter. The reason you are so popular is that you have such a balanced outlook. You are not afraid to bring up controversial subjects and allow everyone to have their opinion regardless. Plus, your listeners sound like a great bunch of people. You really are the best announcer on radio. Best regards, Ross
Ross B., Gold Coast
If you havent listened to deans show on the network. Do your self a favour and listen in you wont be dissapointed. He tells it as it is and gives everyone there chance to have there say. I realy wish he was on more as one day a week just isnt enough. Great show great bloke. Every satdy i tell everyone nup cant do anything my mates on the radio.

Cheers Jason and Karen.

Jason Gwillam, Cardiff, NSW
Listen to Dean most weekends , I really enjoy his Programme as it is most informative, he broaches a diverse range of issues, is very knowledgable , most important allows callers to have their say. Would be happy to listen to him at any time.
Suzanne Bellenger, Port Macquarie, NSW
From listening in western NSW, Dean tells it like it is. He gives all callers their say even if it is against his ideas. He includes us west of the mountains and has a general concern for what is happening.
Susan Baker, Gilgandra, NSW
inspiring talkback show you need to be on more often as I get withdrawal panic as to when I can hear more of the interaction between you and your listeners ,great debate we are and should be having ,please do not let the ashamed ones [lefties ]shut you down, you are the chosen one for clear thinking people who love and respect our great country .more of Kirralie Smith and Miss Hanson …cheers …carmel
Carmel Easterbrook, Grafton, NSW
It’s a great show and I love listening to it. Always entertaining.
John Hall, Austinville, QLD
I love listening to 2HD when Dean is on. He is a real down to earth, honest man who tells it how it is. He is entertaining and informative and always lets people have their say. I have heard many people say to him that they wish he was on more days and I totally agree. I only listen to 2HD when Dean and John Laws are on. No one else compares to these 2.
Debbie Duncan, Thornton, NSW
Fantastic show. Having just one slot per week in no where near enough.
Your eloquent speech and your common sense approach is a refreshing change from the usual left wing PC correct brigade which unfortunately is dominating our media. I love the way you stand by your convictions without fear of reprisal.
Keep up the good work.
Bill Falconer, Elanora QLD
Hi Dean,
What a champion mate myself and my partner listen to you every Saturday mate you are a breath of fresh air that allows average Aussies to have a voice and most of the people we talk to agree with what is happening in this country .we are going done the gurgler big time. And having a guy like yourself that tells it how it is ,is great and i am like you mate do your research and make your own conclusion and from what research I have done you are spot on. Keep up the great work Dean your a inspiration mate. We are behind you what ever you decide to do.
Bill Falconer, Elanora QLD
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