When your son or daughter turns 21, it is a time to celebrate a day which will become one of the most memorable days of your lives! On occasions like these, nothing can be left to chance. Not only is it imperative to hire someone who is experienced and who has the latest, best and most reliable equipment, but also that the person or business that organises and carries out the entertainment at these functions, are people who do it because 1) they love doing it and 2) THEY REALLY CARE!

Not only are we extremely experienced and capable, we take an incredible amount of pride in what we do. We understand that you are busy trying to mingle and keep everybody entertained as best you can but you can’t be everywhere at once. This is why we, and our staff, are trained to make sure that what we are putting a smile on every face in the room. As a commercial radio DJ and someone who did the music programming at several radio stations, Dean gets the playlist right everytime. It is especially crucial to play current hit dance songs on occasions like this and not only can we deliver hip, up to date playlists but our cloud technology allows us to play almost any song upon request of a guest or patron. Our credentials are unrivalled and our care factor is through the roof! We’d love to DJ / MC your son or daughter’s 21st!

Dean is undoubtedly one of the most credentialed DJ’s in Australia. Apart from being an award-winning commercial radio DJ with his own national talkback show which goes to air on over 40 stations, he is also an accomplished IT professional and has been DJ’ing music and karaoke gigs since the 90’s. We can also entertain any age group or genre. We have playlists for every occasion or we’ll custom create one as we go to ensure that the crowd we have is immensely entertained. Please CONTACT US if you have any questions.

These are just some of the other things you may wish to consider booking us for :

  • Engagement Party
  • Weddings
  • ANY birthday party for that matter … any excuse to have a party is valid! 😉
  • Fundraiser
  • Melbourne CUP Day DJ / MC (yes I do these almost every year too, so get in early to book these!)
  • Halloween Party
  • Christmas Party
  • New Years Eve Party
  • Themed Party for any occasion
  • Retro DJ Night
  • Regular PUB DJ / Dance Club
  • Regular CLUB DJ / Dance Night
  • Kids Disco Parties and Dance Nights
  • Festivals (I have done everything from Country Music Festivals to Elvis Festivals annually)
  • Award or Presentation Nights. Dean is an excellent Master of Ceremonies (MC) and is much sought after to host nights like these for your members’ associations, clubs etc.
  • Karaoke DJ. You haven’t been to Karaoke until you have been to one of ours. We take it to a whole new level and we are EXCELLENT in encouraging those who would not normally get up to have a sing TO GET UP AND HAVE A SING!

We would very much like you to consider us for your 21st Birthday Party. Please compare apples to apples when doing so as we have the best gear and most qualified people so your gig will be a TOTAL SUCCESS, GUARANTEED! We have never done a gig that was not received well! ALL our feedback has been positive. Please go to our BOOKINGS page to hire us or to our CONTACT US page if you have further questions. You can also get a QUOTE for a gig on our bookings page.