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Whether you have 20 attendees or over 4000 like this recent gig we did at Luna Park last month, we should be your number one choice in Karaoke Entertainment. We have the most qualified hosts, several of whom are award winning commercial radio DJs, plus our team of celebrity hosts that we have available on demand plus our equipment is second none and quite literally is almost beyond compare with what our competitors use. From our mixers, mics, computers and projectors through to our top grade speakers and lighting, we are currently investing in new equipment and upgrading our old. We carry redundant backups for everything we need to do a show from speakers, to monitors, mixers and computers. You can bet that when we do your gig it will be guaranteed to go to plan and typically beyond expectation.

Feel free to use the BOOKING FORM below if you would like to book a gig or get a quote for your next work function or corporate event or call us on 0409 240660 and speak to us directly. Whether your event is in Dundas or Dubbo, Newcastle or Newtown, we look forward to hearing from you.

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About the Author:

Professional commercial radio jock in Sydney, living on Central Coast. 29+ Years as I.T. Professional, 22 of them involved in radio-specific I.T. matters. Worked on radio as a presenters for 10 years now and been hosting Karaoke events in Sydney since 1999. Recently moved up to NSW's lovely central coast and now have Karaoke Night bookings available (regular or otherwise) for Central Coast venues. Please contact us via the BOOKINGS page on here if you would like to book us.

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