As Dean is a computer expert, you can rest assured that not only is the computer hardware well maintained, it is constantly upgraded and TOP NOTCH. Our rigs are core i7, with SSD drive technology making for super speedy and seamless integration at the venue. We carry redundant gear should the unthinkable happen and have never had to bail on a gig as a result of equipment failure as everything has a spare or redundant backup solution.

Our singers screens are LARGE and we always connect to a large flat screen at the venue or to our own high brightness (4000 Lumen) projector to make sure that the audience can always see the information that they need to sing along and know when their turn is.

Our local wifi network is easy to connect to and help from Dean is always available if you need a quick crash course in connecting your tablet or smartphone to our network so you can browse our song selection. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you require some help with anything while you are at one of our gigs.

30 years as an I.T. tech, 20 years in and around radio, and over 20 years hosting karaoke means you will not only be entertained but the technology on the night will work seamlessly to maximise your enjoyment each and every time you rock along to a Central Coast Karaoke gig.