We specialise in music for any kind of reunion from high school class reunions to family reunions! Reunions are great because we love to provide music to bring back memories plus mix in some of the new stuff to create new memories.  Most school and family reunions only need some upbeat compering and some time / age appropriate music to turn the gathering into a full-on party atmosphere. A substantial and well-planned music collection is imperative. That’s what we excel in, affordable entertainment for all kinds of celebrations! Our sound system is state of the art, big and as loud as you do (or don’t) was it to be! It’s guaranteed to pack quite a punch when it’s time to party and if your guests decide it’s TIME TO DANCE, our sound system is well and truly up to the task of transforming to the room!


Family Reunions are always a great time because you get to see loved ones you haven’t seen in a very long time. Sometimes that’s a good thing and other times it’s not so good! LOL! Regardless, when you receive a call from someone in your family about an upcoming family reunion you can’t help but wonder what the rest of them have been up to and what they look like nowadays. Now imagine how boring the family reunion would be with absolutely no sound (and subsequent lack of atmosphere/vibe)! With no DJ to play music in the background during the social time or during dinner or even for when everyone’s finished eating, the family reunion may have many awkward silent moments. Also, don’t forget when it’s time to share experiences or make announcements, our sound system includes top of the line wireless microphones which can be handed from person to person anywhere in the room. These also come in handy should you have anybody there who would like to have a sing themselves as we are also a fully equipped karaoke operator with state of the art equipment and software. We are indeed prepared for almost anything 😉

Why risk that at your next family reunion when you can have a DJ with professional equipment and a world-class selection of music come in and fill the void plus break the ice by encouraging some good old fashioned dancing (possibly even singing)? The challenge that most family’s run into when planning a reunion is simple economics, how to afford everything! Firstly, you need a place to hold the family reunion, then a date, some food, some decorations and so on. Typically once you’ve finalised all these details you start thinking about how to tie it all together but WHOA! What happened to the fund you put away for the family reunion? This is when most bands are ruled out because they’ll cost substantially more than most expect so DJs are sought out to provide music and entertainment but once you start calling around you’ll begin to realise that some of them can be just as expensive! This is where we come into play. Our DJ’s are just as qualified as most others but they also have full-time jobs during the week and so don’t price gouge on the weekend. Our rates are very fair and our equipment far better than you might expect for the price. We put a significant portion of our profits back into equipment etc.

Despite our very reasonable fee, we come very well equipped. Projectors, lighting, 18″ subs with 15″ speakers on top, another high powered 12″ speakers than can be used as a fold-back should some people wish to sing or can be used for placement is odd-shaped rooms to even out the sound (in a L-shaped room for example). We carry a laser equipment as well, highest quality Shure wireless mics, a screen on a stand that can be used for karaoke songs or for people to read speeches from etc. Our DJ’s are highly qualified with our primary DJ, Dean, who is an award-winning commercial radio DJ with his own national networked program. He is also a former stand-up comedian so it is fair to say that is hosting/compering ability is top rate.

Don’t pay more than you have to, choose us for your next family reunion and get more party for your money! To get started click here to receive a price quote or call us on 0409 240660 to talk with someone who can answer all your questions and tailor the ideal night for your gathering.