With ancient Celtic origins which were adopted, then very much adopted by the culture in America and now very much at home here in Australia, adults and children alike just LOVE Halloween. It’s an opportunity to get dressed up, to express yourself, to eat a stack of chocolates and lollies but most importantly it is to get together with friends and family. It’s also an opportunity to have some drinks and sing and dance with family and/or friends.

We like to think that Halloween parties are a speciality of ours, after being contracted to do one 17 out of the last 18 years. Whether it be at your house or in a hired hall or function room, allow us to make the night even more special and memorable. At an additional cost, we can even organise things like PHOTO BOOTHS and MAKEUP ARTISTS which really do add to the overall vibe and memorability factor of the night.

Not only will be rock up with state of the art sound and lighting, we have an extraordinary song set/list but we also have access to cloud-based music so we can provide virtually any song on request. As well as just DJ’ing MUSIC, we always provide the ability for your guests to do KARAOKE too, should they choose. This often proves to be EXTREMELY popular later on in the night although there are surprisingly few takers for this earlier on in the night 😉 LOL

If you would like to INQUIRE or BOOK us for your next Halloween party, we would absolutely love the opportunity to put on a show for you and your friends on the 31st of October (or around then) each year.