Karaoke Competitions are an extremely effective way to potentially get a LOT of new people coming to your venue in a relatively short period of time and at comparatively little cost. It often proves to be an excellent investment, especially on semi-final and grand-final nights where we have noted over the years that the many of the venues were at near capacity.

These events work even better when done in conjunction with some of the following strategies :

  • Celebrity Judges (we know many people in music and radio who we can get as judges at these events)
  • Radio Advertising
  • Ads in Local Papers
  • Good prize pools. (The better the prize pool, the more people will come)
  • INDEPENDENT JUDGES. I feel it is a must to have at least 2, preferably 3 independent judges.
  • Attendance points. This is a good idea as it stops “comp chasers” or “prize pigs” from travelling miles just to come to a minimal number of preliminary rounds, only to take out the comp and upset the locals.
  • LOCALS ONLY option also works well, where you limit the people who can enter the competition to a 10km or 20km radius of the venue. This will further inhibit the “comp chaser” factor.

If you are considering putting on a Karaoke Competition at your Pub or Club then you have come to the right place. We have lost count of how many competitions we have successfully run over the years and would LOVE the opportunity to run one at your venue soon! Please CONTACT US to discuss.