Karaoke Showdown at Diggers at The Entrance – Winner Kieran Fraser

A Huge congratulation to the Karaoke Showdown grand final winner KIERAN FRASER. $1,000.00 coming your way from Diggers at the Entrance and what a wonderful 9 weeks it has been. Pictured is Kieran (right) and our fantastic judges Jon McIlveen (left) and Ray Ramon (middle).


About the Author:

Professional commercial radio jock in Sydney, living on Central Coast. 29+ Years as I.T. Professional, 22 of them involved in radio-specific I.T. matters. Worked on radio as a presenters for 10 years now and been hosting Karaoke events in Sydney since 1999. Recently moved up to NSW's lovely central coast and now have Karaoke Night bookings available (regular or otherwise) for Central Coast venues. Please contact us via the BOOKINGS page on here if you would like to book us.

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