The software used by Central Coast Karaoke is second to none. Not only does it allow us to search ONLINE for songs that we do not already have, it allows us to purchase and download them in realtime. Not only that but you can search for songs using your smartphone or tablet from the comfort of your table then add them without having to come up to the operator. This also allows you to find songs that are not in the book or that ARE available online on top of what we have already purchased.

Our software takes care of not just the backing music playlist, but actually will play MUSIC VIDEOS as backing between songs which we then project onto both a large projection screen (or large flat screen at the venue) as well as the singer screen.

Our software not only maintains your complete song history but also your saved key change selections. It has a smart search feature which allows us to add the songs very quickly which frees up our operator to pay more attention to monitoring sound levels while the gig is in progress.

We can alter the song’s key in real time as you are singing (if necessary) and also the tempo of the song. Our software will also prioritise (and display) brand names so you can get the version you want if we have more than one version of the same song.

Our software constantly displays a ticker tape message system along the bottom of the display screen(s) during the gig which not only let’s you know who is singing and what they are singing but will also let you know who the next x amount of singers are. We currently have set this to 6. It will also display important messages about the venue and instructions on how to connect your smart devices to the local network at the venue to utilise other cool features.

These are just a few of the many innovative features that we have at our disposal. We’d love you to come to one of our gigs and experience it for yourself. Dean has been an I.T. guy and so you can trust that the software (and hardware) are always setup correctly, fast, reliably and will work flawlessly at every gig.