Are you looking to put a Karaoke operator into your pub on a regular basis? Look no further, you have found the most qualified karaoke operator in Australia. Award-winning commercial radio DJ, Dean, has his own show on a national radio network which goes out to more than 40 stations throughout NSW and QLD, including Sydney. Dean is also a qualified I.T. guy with 30 years or more and was a stand-up comedian in the 90’s for a few years until such time as he started his own internet company and had to concentrate on that.

Why else would you want to choose us? Here are a few reasons.

  • Most qualified host. 10 years in commercial radio / 30+ years in IT / former stand-up comedian.
  • We have THE best sound gear on any regular weekly karaoke that we are aware of.
  • We typically set up in excess of $20k worth of equipment at our main gigs (the ones hosted by Dean).
  • More songs! We have access to the KARAOKE CLOUD technology and it is extremely rare that we don’t have the song that someone asks for. We can just download and pay for the song on account in real time! Outstanding technology thanks to the internet.
  • The latest and best sound equipment! We use a $3000 Mackie/Apple mixer that allows us to mix the sound from anywhere in the room to ensure maximum sound quality at our gigs.
  • We use technology that allows patrons to browse and select their song choices using their own smartphone.
  • Bigger / Better / More Singer and Audience viewing screens.
  • 3600 Lumen High-Quality projector at all of our gigs.
  • Best quality cables, plugs and connectors plus PLENTY of spares in the well stocked, regularly serviced and well-maintained vehicle.
  • Absolutely the best and most technologically advanced Karaoke Software that is available – COMPUHOST.
  • We use a LOT of lighting and laser equipment at each show so as to maximise the vibe and set the appropriate mood.
  • We have our own projector and screen (when needed) at our gigs and use MUSIC VIDEO backing music between songs. Not only does this really impress the patrons, it often is great for suggesting ideas for songs and artists to them.
  • 2 x 18″ Sub-woofers (as well as 2 x 15″ satellite speakers on top of them mounted on poles) at our main gigs. Sound quality is AMAZING!
  • Top of the range SHURE wireless mics for our singers.
  • More microphones! 2 x Shure wireless + 2 x Shure wired mics additionally for when the patrons want to get up as a group (which happens more often than you might imagine). They are well catered for at our gigs.
  • Old school SONG BOOKS too! We carry about 20 old school songbooks (each around 250 pages thick) around to our gigs because not everybody has or wants to use their smartphone, so they are catered for as well!
  • The best computer hardware! We use $3000 gaming laptops to run our shows so there is no lag and everything works at lightning speed. We carry a spare laptop to each gig.
  • High quality / high power Electrovoice 12″ Foldback/monitor. For a singer to give the best possible performance, they need to be able to hear themselves. We ALWAYS provide a foldback monitor.
  • Fully Insured. We carry full public liability insurance with us at our gigs. Make sure your existing karaoke operator (and other entertainers) has this, otherwise you could be leaving your venue exposed to additional liability.
  • Scrolling ticker tape screen for singers and audience, letting them know when their turn is and other information including any VENUE PROMOTION you need us to advertise. Let us know about these prior to starting and we will ensure that this information is presented on our scrolling ticker tape display.
  • We have a spare for almost everything so it is virtually impossible for us not to be able to finish a show no matter what piece of equipment may possibly fail (assuming the worst).
  • SONGBOOKS ONLINE means that as well as browsing and adding songs using their smartphone and/or tablet, the patrons can also add these songs to their FAVOURITES list, they can also select the KEY and TEMPO for the song they wish to sing, should it be other than the default one.
  • Multiple brands of songs means that singers can choose the brand/version that suits them best.
  • Competitive rates. Our gigs seem to attract a very loyal following as well so you are likely to start getting a few new people who come just for the karaoke. We excel in keeping a significant percentage of your dining crowd back a lot later than they had planned to 😉

These are just a few of the reasons you should choose us rather than our competitors. Run by someone who is an actual professional in almost every aspect of the business. CONTACT US or BOOK YOUR GIG ONLINE today!

We look forward to working at with you at your venue.