So you are at one of our gigs and you would prefer to browse our song list and/or submit your song requests using your mobile phone! IT’S EASY!

  1. Download the SONGBOOKS ONLINE app on your Android or IOS device.
  2. Register with SONGBOOKS ONLINE for a FREE account. We suggest just putting the first letter of your surname in place of your actual surname (for privacy reasons)
  3. Once you have done this and choose to connect you will be prompted for a SHOW ID. We change this from time to time but it is displayed on the scrolling banner of our audience screen (usually via our projector) or the establishment’s own large screen TV or projector. Once you have this, just enter it into the device then you’re all set.

Once you have done this you are not only able to BROWSE OUR ENTIRE SONG LIST, but you can also ADD YOUR SONGS and SAVE YOUR FAVOURITES. You can also specify KEY and TEMPO changes as well as select your favourite VERSION or BRAND so you get the song you want each and every time.

You can also see who else is singing and what they are singing whether you are the gig or not. We often get people rocking up an hour into the gig because they have observed via the app that one of their friends or favourite singers is with us that night.

Utilising our SONGBOOKS ONLINE app has several advantages :

  • You can browse many songs that are not in our already comprehensive physical songbooks.
  • You have exclusive access to NEW SONGS as soon as they are added to our database, sometimes days before the gig so you have time to practice your new song 😉
  • Utilising this app often gets you to the top of the list when we begin.
  • Avoid queuing up to hand your song slip in.
  • Environmentally friendly. You are doing your bit to save the rainforest 😉
  • SONGBOOKS ONLINE remembers all of your favourite songs, versions and key changes.
  • Ensure you KEY CHANGE is active every time!
  • Never miss your turns as you can see where you are in the rotation.
  • Plus many more advantages! Download the app and check it out for yourself.

Finally, you will be prompted for YOUR NAME. Please enter your entire FIRST NAME with the INITIAL of your surname. eg: John Smith would enter “John S”. Please be sure to type your name EXACTLY THE SAME WAY each time you add additional songs.

If your submission is SUCCESSFUL then you will receive a short message THANKING YOU for your SONG SUBMISSION.

Enjoy… and if you have any questions then please feel free to come up to us at the gigs. We will even do it for you if you are having difficulties with the technology.