Dean is not only a computer tech but is also a commercial radio DJ so SOUND QUALITY and RELIABILITY is paramount! Our gear is meticulously maintained, NEW, top of the range and typically some of the best equipment that is available.

We use Yamaha, Mackie, Apple, Microsoft, Shure, ASUS, Pioneer and Samsung gear and do a LOT of research when we replace gear to make sure that we have the best. We tend to carry a LOT more equipment to the venues than most as we not only have redundant/backup gear but we like to make sure that we provide EVERYTHING you would expect to make the night perfect.

We ALWAYS use a fold back / Monitor. There is always a LARGE screen or PROJECTOR in use so the crowd can see what the singer is seeing. We use Shure wired and wireless microphones. Our Mixers are Yamaha and Mackie (with an IPAD), our speakers and amplifiers are Yamaha as well. Our projector is a top-notch EPSON which is not only very bright but also highly reliable and we beam video to it wirelessly so we can position it in the best spot possible.

Our leads and cables are regularly checked and maintained and we (again) carry a spare for just about everything. Microphone stands are on the stage (if you need them) and additional microphones are available for 2 (or more) singers at any given time.

Our sound is constantly monitored and adjusted to make you sound as good as humanly possible and attention to detail is always something we strive for at our gigs.

UPDATE: As of June 2017 we have just purchased a complete set of Electro-Voice ETX series 15″ speakers with matching ETX 18″ Subs giving us an even bigger sound advantage over our competitors. You won’t believe how good these things sound and how good YOU will sound pumping through them! Come to a gig and check them out soon 😉