Central Coast Karaoke has Sunday afternoon Karaoke AVAILABLE right now for your pub or club. The huge resurgence in Karaoke of late is seeing it on 7 days a week in and around the Central Coast and Lake Macquarie, and Sunday afternoons are KARAOKE’S BIGGEST SECRET. The biggest crowds we have ever had have ALWAYS been on Sunday afternoon gigs. We did two venues back in Sydney about 12 years or so ago back to back, 2 years and 3 years respectively and it was pretty much standing room only. One was a pub and the other was one of Sydney’s biggest clubs. So why not get the Central Coast’s most credentialed Karaoke Operator with the best sound and equipment into your venue on a Sunday afternoon?

Club Managers and Pub owners and licensees have found that when we take over from live music solo artists and duets that not only do more patrons hang around or come especially for the karaoke but we also keep the crowd MUCH longer / later and turnover at the bar is notably higher. Karaoke also builds a loyal following, many of whom will come EVERY week on top of the randoms, the pokie players and of course the lunchtime dining crowd who inevitably find that at least one person at their table wants to have a sing before they head home. Next thing they know, it’s almost time for DINNER! Why not start us off on a 12 week trial run at your venue and you will promptly discover the above to be true at most venues.

Our Karaoke will almost certainly build a massive following very quickly as karaoke performers tend to the follow the ones with the best sound, most songs and most fun and experienced operator and we tick each and every one of those boxes. So don’t delay BOOK US ONLINE today or use the same booking form to get a price to have us at your venue each Sunday afternoon!

We look forward to speaking with you.