Our equipment is state of the art and all digital based on MP3+G (via computer) and we have further functionality via what is known as “cloud” technology which allows us in REAL TIME (typically seconds) to download any song that is not already in our library which means there would be few (if any) karaoke songs that exist that we would not have access to for the singers.

Dean has 30+ years experience in I.T. and over 10 years now in commercial radio (both an as I.T. tech, Producer and DJ / Presenter (both music and talkback). He also works at the Super Radio Network which comprises more than 40 stations throughout NSW and QLD. He worked as a stand-up comedian for a few years in the 90’s around Sydney also.

We have redundant rigs so equipment failure is never a problem and are based in Lake Haven on NSW’s Central Coast. We can run in pretty much any format you require and typically tailor the show to suit the audience depending on age etc. We have done shows where the regular crowd were 18-25 and we have done shows where they were 50+. Typically the karaoke crowd does not adhere to one particular group or genre and our online access to a massive number of songs via the “Karaoke Cloud”  means we cover almost every type and genre of music you can imagine. Many of our songs we have MULTIPLE versions of (thanks to the Karaoke Cloud Technology) as we find many of the performers have their “favourite” version or brand. This also means we have access to the LATEST TITLES at our gigs for people who wish to perform fresh material.

Our PC Hardware, as you might imagine from someone who has been in I.T. for 30 odd years is state of the art and is a Gaming Level ASUS notebook with DUAL SSD (solid state drives) “drives with no moving parts” for increased reliability and speed. We carry a SPARE laptop to all our gigs just in case the unimaginable should occur. Likewise we carry both powered and passive speakers with us so should an amplifier (for example) fail we could still run off the mixer and continue the show without too much fuss. We utilize a high quality foldback speaker at most of our gigs too for optimum singer self-monitoring and vocal equalisation.

Sound equipment is primarily top of the range hi power / super hi-fidelity Yamaha gear with digital 24″ LCD singer screen, foldback speaker and a projector (or we can connect to your project or large screen LCD/LED/PLASMA/OLED TV at the venue). We carry a vast arrange of cables and connectors with us to allow us to function at almost any venue. We even have a diesel generator which we have had to use in the past at gigs in the bush or in remote locations.

We also offer the ability to “record” the singers should they wish to hear themselves back. They need to ask us to do this prior to singing though.

We also have the ability for the singers to browse the songlist with their IPHONE or ANDROID phone. For Instructions on how to do this, you can click HERE.

Our karaoke software is considered to be the best and most full featured in the industry. We can also accommodate the singer by playing their own CD+G , DVD or VCD at the gig if they bring it along with them.

We have both wired and wirless SHURE microphones which are considered to be the best (by many in the industry) and again carry spares of these also. I have yet to see another karaoke show in Australia that is as technically proficient and well equipped as ours and it is something we take great pride in.

We also like to think of ourselves as much more entertaining than a lot of the other karaoke operators and endeavor to keep things light-hearted, upbeat and fun. We know the singers are the CUSTOMERS of the venues who hire us and they are always treated with the utmost respect.

Our software keeps very accurate and fair singer rotation lists and displays this info for the next 10 singers on the screen between songs which means less time waiting for people to come up on stage and certainly less people who would have otherwise gone M.I.A. when it is their turn.

We have always dramatically increased the number of Patrons everywhere we have done our shows over the years. We have backup rigs and hosts should there be equipment failure or illness by staff and most of the people I employ (if not doing it myself) are performers and / or radio people. Dean tries to host most of our regular gigs himself and our staff tend to compere the casual gigs and private functions that we get regularly.

We actively promote all of our public (pub and club) gigs on social media (which we find is very successful in getting people to shows) and we have a large number of friends who work in radio who give our gigs casual mentions to further improve attendance.

Unlike some of our competitors there is never “dead air” during our shows and our software will always play ambient background music (suited to the crowd on the night) between karaoke songs while we announce and / or are waiting for the next singer to arrive on stage. We can even set our software to auto-record singers then randomly play back their recorded performances at ambient levels between live singer rotations.

We also have a large quantity of DJ Lighting at our disposal which we like to use occasionally, depending on the venue and show requirements. These items include everything from the good old “disco ball” to state of the art high-powered, sound-activated laser light show equipment.

We have connections with a lot of famous artists and radio people should you require celebrity hosts or judges at our gigs. This is available at an added cost and varies depending who it is that we get to do the gig.

All these things combined should make us your number 1 choice when it comes to booking a karaoke operator for your private function or public venue.